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Koinonia Devotional: God Intended Otherwise on Calvary Chapel Norco
Koinonia Devotional: God Intended Otherwise

God Intended Otherwise (1 Samuel 6-10)


In 1 Samuel Chapter 6, the Philistines had been allowed to capture The Ark Of The Covenant, as a stinging lesson to both them and the Israelites, the Philistines were soon very eager to return it to Israel - but they had a problem even doing that because any unauthorized humans were killed for carrying it.


The Philistine priests knew enough to know they have offended the LORD God. Therefore, they know they should do something to expresses their sorrow and repentance before the LORD. Their solution in 1 Samuel 6:10 – 12 was to simply load it on a cow-powered cart and let it find its own way home - with The Lord's help.


In the above it shows that men are very incompetent judges of matters, because they do not understand all the reasons and causes of God’s judgments. There are many secret sins which escape man’s observation, but are seen by God, before whom many persons may be deeply guilty, whom men esteem innocent and virtuous.


As with the Philistine their threat was still serious, but whenever the Israelites truly sought to obey the Lord they asked Samuel to cry out to the Lord and the Lord helped them - as in this example of His thundering "shock and awe" that enabled the Israelites to defeat the then in-disarray Philistines.


1 Samuel 7:8 And the people of Israel said to Samuel, “Do not cease to cry out to the LORD our God for us, that he may save us from the hand of the Philistines.”


Samuel is generally was regarded as the last of The Judges prior to the establishment of the Israelite monarchy. 1 Samuel 8, States that although many incorrectly believe that democracy was the relatively recent invention of the "free" nations of the world, democracy has always existed because no leader, of any kind of political system, can gain and hold political power without the support of the majority of the people. As would often be the case in Bible History (and in human history in general, ancient, or modern. Sons who held the office that their father did were sometimes disastrously inferior leaders, either because of stunted judgment ability or corruption (which actually is the same thing since corruption is the fruit of poor judgment). Samuel had been a very good leader of Israel, and as the years past and when Samuel became old he made his sons judges over Israel, however as we read in 1 Samuel 8 they were not their father - and the Elders of Israel made it clear that they would not "elect" them to serve in Samuel's place.


Samuel wasn’t a good role model to his son’s as we read in 1 Samuel 8:1-6. The Elders came to Samuel and asked now appoint for us a King to judge us like all the nations so they wouldn't be stuck with the evil sons of Samuel leading them. The request grieved Samuel for two reasons. First and foremost, the Israelites already had a King, The Lord, and secondly, Samuel was merely a servant of the King, not a king, or a father of kings. Nevertheless, The Lord told Samuel to give the people what they wanted - as another lesson about counting on men for deliverance rather than on God.


The Lord had always been and always will be a fair and just King; human leaders are always inferior substitutes because human leaders always end up serving not the people, but their own carnal lust for power over everyone and everything.


Israel's first human king would be Saul, of the tribe of Benjamin, 1 Samuel 9:1. Saul was a tall, physically-impressive man, but he lacked wisdom. Nevertheless, he was the suitable choice for the moment. After being selected by God (1 Samuel 9:15-17), In 1 Samuel 10:1 The Lord anointed Saul through Samuel.


Then Samuel called the people together to The Lord at Mizpah; and he said to the people of Israel, "Thus says The Lord, the God of Israel, But you have rejected your God, who saves you from all your calamities and your distresses; and you have said, 'No! but set a king over us.’ And thus Saul became the King over Israel.


It is the nature of men to want a human leader they can see. We always look for our superman. We want someone visible to follow. But when man has that much power and influence, he almost always becomes corrupt. The temptation to take advantage of the situation for personal pleasure is too great. Then you have the great disappointment of all who have elevated him and proclaimed his worth.


The leaders who allow themselves to be worshipped will be brought down by the grace of God and in turn our eyes begin to focus on God rather than a man. Samuel warned them that this would happen. Still, they insisted on having a king. Samuel was displeased. He knew something in his spirit was saying that this was terribly wrong. God helped him understand by explaining, "It is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king."


Churches and ministries, heed the heart of God. One elevated man with final say and authority is the way of man. It is a rejection of God. God has always worked through men whose hearts are seeking Him, not the man with the best capabilities of being a CEO. Look at the disciples Jesus chose. They were a group of equals, with the real Leader, Jesus. The church should be the same today. In my opinion, the most capable of being a CEO among them was Judas.


The coming Kingdom of God is not going to be a democracy, but it will nevertheless have the total support of everyone who will be a “Native-born citizen” of it: “Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise. You who dwell in the dust, awake and sing for joy! For your dew is a dew of light, and the earth will give birth to the dead.” (Isaiah 26:19 ESV).


Consider this: Exalting man leads to disappointment. Exalting Christ keeps us on track.


Bond Servant of Christ – Bruce Lussier

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